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Perfect Timing: Twitter Launches #StarWarsEmojis

By on Apr 18, 2015 in Digital Marketing | 0 comments

Awesome news for all Star Wars fans. Twitter just partnered with Disney and LucasFilm to help promote the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie. They went beyond sponsored hashtags this time though and took it one level higher by with #StarWarsEmojis. It’s actually very simple — just tweet with a hashtag of Star Wars characters and an emoji of them comes out. Here’s the first batch that Twitter posted on their site. We tried it and it works fine on mobile. We did have issues though with it on the Twitter client on our MacBook (emojis didn’t come out). Anyway, two thumbs up Disney, LucasFilm, and Twitter! And to those who haven’t watched the latest trailer yet, here you go: PS: Thanks to Acee Vitangcol for the...

A Really Bad and Shameless Case of Social Media Marketing

By on Apr 18, 2015 in Fails | 0 comments

One of our friends from Facebook alerted us about a shameless way of marketing on social media that’s currently proliferating and I just wanted to quickly post it here for everyone’s info. The modus is simple: do a sponsored post on Facebook featuring a showbiz story with a well-known celebrity, get people to click to go to the website, use the layout and IP of a well-known website like PEP, promote the hell out of a product that has nothing to do with the celebrity, use fake comments to give “credibility”, and then ask users to buy the product via cash on delivery. Here are screenshots: Starts here. You see it on Facebook and it looks like a typical celeb story. This is what the site looks like. Note that they’re using a lot of IP and elements of PEP. Then they sell. Wow ha. And they use fake commenters with “encouraging” comments about the...

Digerati Night III: Networking Event for Digital Marketers on April 23, 2015

By on Apr 17, 2015 in Digital Marketing Events | 0 comments

The International Institute of Digital Marketing is hosting the 3rd Digerati Night on April 23 at URBN Bar and Kitchen at the Fort Strip (starting 6:30PM). The event is basically a networking night for people who are in digital marketing and advertising. Entrance, inclusive of two bottles of beer, is free but you have to register via their website. Other than meeting fellow digital professionals, there’s also a short program showcasing speakers talking about the latest trends in the industry. For this event we have Arthur Policarpio, Head of Mobext Asia-Pacific and Phil Smithson, Co-Founder of UXMNL and Foolproof Labs. For more information about the speakers, click...

Digital Without a Soul: Black Ops on Twitter in the Philippines

By on Sep 27, 2014 in Digital Publishing | 11 comments

How Distasteful, Obvious, Sad, and Desperate Some People Can be Rant mode: On. Just recently Smart Communications launched a free Internet offer of (30MB daily) for their prepaid subscribers. It’s definitely a game changing offer because it opens up a lot of opportunities for Filipinos who can’t afford expensive data plans to the Internet (not just limited to Facebook). There are limitations though like not having access to video streaming, peer-to-peer downloading, and OTT messaging. However everything else in the Internet is now open to Filipinos with a Smart prepaid sim. The day after the offer black ops on social media started to happen (click the link for screencaps and detailed explanation on Unbox). Twitter accounts with foreigner profile pics, usually beautiful women, with no followers and no following, start replying to people on Twitter who mention “Smart...

Why Constantly Building and Launching Stuff is Awesome

By on Sep 14, 2014 in Digital Publishing | 4 comments

Every major professional milestone of my career so far can be traced to a blog or site that I put up during that phase in my life. It all started a little over a decade ago when I was with Level Up Games, the leading game publisher in the Philippines. I put up a gaming site called and it became a daily source of stress, inspiration, and joy for me, hehe. Imagine having to read and approve hundreds of comments from gamers who would freak out and curse each time there was a technical issue with the game. Anyway, after my time with Level Up, I closed the site though in hindsight I probably should have kept it running since there are only a few gaming sites in the Philippines today. When I was finally starting to fully embrace the world of digital marketing, I put up New Media Philippines. I started writing and sharing everything I knew about digital and it surprisingly gained...

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