Digital Marketers Gather on March 4 for DIGERATI NIGHT!


The International Institute of Digital Marketing and the Certified Digital Marketer Program is staging their first community and networking event on March 4 entitled “DIGERATI NIGHT”! The event is for CDM/CDPR graduates and digital marketing practitioners in the country. Registration is free (just go to the site) and it will be held at URBN Bar and Kitchen in BGC.

It will be mostly a networking event but there is a very short program. Welcome remarks will be given by Virginia Brocka, Digital Marketing Head of BPI and I’ll be giving a very short talk on Digital Trends for 2014 shortly after.

Hope to see you guys at the event! Don’t forget to bring a box full of calling cards! :)

Steak Nights Are the Best!




Last year Mike Palacios, a good friend and colleague of mine, became my master and I became his padawan. Under his amazing tutelage I’ve amassed the gear, technology, and taste (Cast Iron Pan, etc.) for melt-in-your-mouth, knee-shaking tender, and sinfully satisfying STEAK. I started out following his broiling technique but eventually settled for grilling with the right sauces, herbs, and of course high quality meat.

To those wondering we usually get our steak from either Santi’s or Deli Master (a new grocery/meat shop along Annapolis). Continue reading

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