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Carlo’s Garage Sale (Bags)

By on Jan 23, 2012 in My Stuff | 5 comments

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I walked into my “home office” last night and found myself staring at too many bags, headphones, and other stuff that I don’t use. Instead of letting them stay there forever I’ve decided to just sell them off to whoever wants them at good prices. If you want any of the items below send me a message on Facebook. Items can be picked up at the lobby of my condo in Greenhills.

For this first post I’ll share the bags that I have up for grabs. These are mostly bags for laptops. :)


Delsey Design Cross Trip Messenger Bag

Description: Messenger bag from Delsey. Has several compartments for gadgets and various peripherals. Bought from Travel Club Vmall, Greenhills. Fits 13″-15″ laptops.
Condition: Very good. Barely used.
SRP: Php4,900
Sale Price: Php2,500
Review: Click here for the Unbox Review

Hit “read more” for the rest of the bags!

Arrow Messenger Bag

Description: Gray messenger bag from Arrow. Fits 13″ laptops. Has a zippered compartment inside for smaller stuff.
Condition: Rarely used.
SRP: Php3,999
Sale Price: Php1,800
Review: Click here to go to Unbox

Arrow Shoulder Bag

Description: Light brown bought from Arrow Podium.
SRP: Php2,999.
Sale Price: Php1,500

Hedgren Votre Sac

Description: Can fit 13″ laptops. Water resistant. Good for casual or for office attire. Has pockets for peripherals at the front. From Travel Club, Vmall, Greenhills.
Condition: Really good.
SRP: Php4,500
Sale Price: Php2,500
Review: Click here

Targus Vertical Laptop Bag

Description: Fits 13″ laptops. Has an outer pocket for peripherals. Back pocket for everything else (can fit an iPad).
Condition: Still good. Bought in 2010.
SRP: Php3,950.
Sale Price: Php2,000 (get the Targus iPad Bag as a bonus)

Targus iPad/Tablet Bag

Description: Can fit netbooks or up to 10″ tablets.
Condition: Rarely used.
SRP: I have no idea. Got it as a gift.
Sale Price: FREE… if you buy the Targus Vertical Laptop Bag above. :)

Radtech Mactruck Enclosure

Description: The ultimate protective briefcase for your laptop. A car can roll over this and your laptop will still be okay, lol. Comes with strap. Can fit a 13″ MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.
Condition: Very good. Rarely used.
SRP: Around Php8,000 (click)
Sale Price: Php3,000 (will throw in the Gola Bag below for free if you get this)
Review: Click here to go to the official site

Gola Bag

Description: Fits 13″ laptops.
Condition: Used twice.
SRP: I can’t remember.
Sale Price: Will just sell it for Php750.

That’s it for the first batch! Will put up other posts listing headphones, smartphones, and assorted peripherals next. Again if you’re interested send me a message on Facebook to reserve. Items can be picked up in my condo in Greenhills.

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  1. carlo

    January 23, 2012

    dahil di ako manalo sa promo niyo! LOL! just going to wait for your headphones to be publish and will buy it!!! :) need ko sa phone ko!! :)

  2. affordable

    January 24, 2012

    Hi boss Carlo, I am considering your Arrow for 1.5k, if you will :) Awaits your gadget Garage Sale.

  3. jay

    April 22, 2012

    im interested with your arrow messenger bag. pls reach me at my email address for contact

  4. riza manalansan

    June 1, 2012

    good day. Are the 2 targus bags still availabe?

  5. Willy Yu

    July 16, 2013

    interested in the Hedgren, actually an officemate got his off eBay at about 1k pesos, in case you willing to lower the price, pls let me know at my email, thanks and your reviews are great, I am your faithful follower.


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