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Carlo’s Garage Sale (Headphones)

Here’s the last batch for our online garage sale for the day! As promised this batch will be about headphones!


Audio-Technica SJ11

Description: Black and green. Click here for our review.
Condition: Very good condition. Used for a total of 5 times, lol.
SRP: Php1,999
Sale Price: Php1,000

Marshall Major White

Description: Very good mids and highs. Has an in-line remote control and mic for phone calls. Hands-on article here.
Condition: Very good condition (I used the black ones more)
SRP: Php4,650
Sale Price: Php3,000

AKG K404 Portable Headphones

Description: Portable headphones. Easy to carry around. Very good sound quality. Click here for review.
Condition: Used only in the car.
SRP: Php2,229
Sale Price: Php1,200

Brainwavz B2 In-ear headphones

Description: One of the best in-ear headphones in this price range. Outstanding mids and highs. Review can be found here.
Condition: Used only with comply foam tips. All other tips available and unused. Hard case still included in package.
SRP: Php6,800
Sale Price: Php3,500

Grado SR60i

Description: My favorite headphones. Wouldn’t be selling this normally but I got the higher model last December (SR80i). Our review here.
Condition: Good condition.
SRP: Php5,750
Sale Price: Php4,000

That’s it! Will post one more set of stuff for sale probably tomorrow. I still have to rummage through the boxes in my room.

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  1. i’ll buy the brainwavz B2. text me up 0915-146-8035

  2. sir interested ako sa Audio Technica (ATH SJ11). paano ko bibilin sayo

  3. Audio-Technica SJ11

    is this model still available? how can I pay and can you shipped it via LBC? thanks

  4. pwede ba sa 1k yung akg bro?

  5. How do I contact you? Interested with the sr60i :)

  6. hello. interested aq s grado sr60. Please contact me ASAP. send me an e-mail or text: 09178719183

  7. Are the Marshall Headphones still available? Are you only selling the white one?

  8. Sir, I’ll take the b2′s. Sure buyer. send me an e-mail. matthew_bassoy05@yahoo.com

    thank you.

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