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Carlo’s Garage Sale (Smartphones and Peripherals)

By on Jan 23, 2012 in My Stuff | 3 comments

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Okay let’s continue with the online garage sale. If you haven’t seen my first post, please click here. I listed a bunch of bags there that you might find interesting. For this entry I’ll focus more on phones and peripherals.

Without further delay… here’s the list!


HTC Desire S

Description: HTC Desire S. Specs can be found here.
Condition: Won this in a raffle. Used like 3 times. Will bundle an Otterbox Commuter Series Case with it (worth Php2,000+)
SRP: Php18,500 in the gray market, Php20,000 if official.
Sale Price: Php13,000 (includes the Commuter Series case)

Hit “READ MORE” for the full list.

Smart Netphone 701

Description: Specs and our review can be found here. Obviously this is locked to Smart, hehe.
Condition: Used only for testing and review purposes.
SRP: Php9,000+
Sale Price: Php5,000 (I’ll throw in the Starbucks 2012 Planner for free, lol)


FiiO E6 Portable Amplifier

Description: Portable amp that will make your headphones SING. Click here for the review.
Condition: Used only for testing and review purposes.
SRP: Php1,400
Sale Price: Php900

MiPow Power Tube

Description: It can charge almost any kind of phone. Click here for review and details.
Condition: Used only for testing and review purposes.
SRP: Php1,999
Sale Price: Php1,200

Altec Lansing Moondance Glow

(In the office, can’t take a pic today. Will replace the picture tomorrow)
Description: iPod dock that has mood light and can also be your alarm clock. Click here for details.
Condition: Just in the office cabinet. Brought it there from home but rarely gets used because I use earphones when I’m at work, lol.
SRP: Php8,500+
Sale Price: Php4,000

Razer StarCraft II Gaming Mouse

Description: 1 year old. Click here for details.
Condition: Not even used for gaming. This is actually the mouse I bring with me to work (lol).
SRP: Php3,650
Sale Price: Php2,000

Looking for headphones? That’s the last post. I’ll do that later tonight. I need time to take photos because I have a lot, lol.

To buy just send me a PM on Facebook. You can pick-up the item anytime this week at my condo in Greenhills. Will PM the address after confirmation :)

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  1. aileen

    January 23, 2012

    i like the Smart Netphone 701 :)

  2. neojohan

    January 24, 2012

    4k for Smart Netphone 701 =)

  3. Monty

    February 3, 2012

    Smart Netphone “brand new” is now P4,999. Any price adjustment for the netphone?

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