Digit-DM9 is Hiring

Watch the video below first! :)

On that note… let me just share that we’re hiring. :)

Account Director
Account Managers
Digital Strategists
Kick Ass Programmers and Creatives
Social Media Specialists

Send your CV with Cover Letter to carloople@dm9-js.com.



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3 thoughts on “Digit-DM9 is Hiring”

  1. Hi Sir! One of my friends is too shy to ask these questions as she might make a bad impression to you guys, so as a good friend, I hope you don’t mind if I’m the one who’s going to ask :)

    Some of her questions are:

    1. When will you guys start calling up potential employees?
    2. “If” hired, would that employee start working ASAP?
    3. Since technically, there are only 3 key people in DI9IT right now, are you the ones who are going to do the recruiting/interviewing/hiring?

    I hope you don’t take my questions the wrong way.
    Anyway, thank you! :)

  2. Oh I forgot the other one, “Since there are no qualifications listed, are you going to hire fresh graduates?” Thank you again!

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