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A Really Bad and Shameless Case of Social Media Marketing

By on Apr 18, 2015 in Fails | 0 comments

One of our friends from Facebook alerted us about a shameless way of marketing on social media that’s currently proliferating and I just wanted to quickly post it here for everyone’s info. The modus is simple: do a sponsored post on Facebook featuring a showbiz story with a well-known celebrity, get people to click to go to the website, use the layout and IP of a well-known website like PEP, promote the hell out of a product that has nothing to do with the celebrity, use fake comments to give “credibility”, and then ask users to buy the product via cash on delivery. Here are screenshots: Starts here. You see it on Facebook and it looks like a typical celeb story. This is what the site looks like. Note that they’re using a lot of IP and elements of PEP. Then they sell. Wow ha. And they use fake commenters with “encouraging” comments about the product, lol. But wait… there’s more. They even put a disclaimer at the bottom....