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Thirteen Cheers for 2013!

By on Jan 1, 2014 in Family, Featured, My Work at Digit, News | 1 comment

We’re barely just a few days away from 2014 and I just wanted to take a quick look back at the year that was. 2013 was an amazing year filled with a lot of challenges, blessings, and losses. To celebrate the last 12 months, I compiled thirteen major blessings and milestones that I’d like to call “13 Cheers for 2013” (lol). It was actually a surreal experience compiling these moments and looking for photos to visualize them. Writing this post was an enriching activity in itself and I’d recommend it all of you guys (if you can find the time to do it, hehe). Okay so in no particular order, here my the 13 Cheers for 2013! Making the Big Leap to Advertising — Joining Di9it-DM9 Leaving TV5 was a very difficult decision but it turned out to be a wise one! With Digit I’ve been able to learn so much at such a short amount of time. I’ve only been here a year but it actually feels I’ve been doing this for much more than that, hehe. Anyway, thank you to Merlee, Alex, Bonat, GGC, and Eugene for the trust. 2014 will be much bigger and better for all of us! Here’s the write-up that Adobo Magazine made about my career switch (thanks Angel, Apple, and Janelle for the feature). Goodbye Tiffany Mansions, Hello One Beverly Place! One of the biggest literal “moves” for 2013 was when we left our condo in Tiffany Mansions and moved to a bigger 3BR unit in One Beverly Place (still along Annapolis Greenhills area). The unit was actually the condo that Pastor Dennis’ family used to stay in! 3BR set-up is awesome — Masters, Home Office, and Guest Room. Hopefully we convert that Guest Room into a Baby Room this year! RAWR! Building the Team — Di9it Growing and building the team was just as exciting as changing jobs, hehe! We’re still a pretty lean and small group but I’m very happy and proud of the people in Di9it! We’ve done so much in just 1 year and I strongly believe that we’ve set ourselves up for a superb 2014. Thank you Eugene, Buboy, Peepo, Leng, Belle, Bea, Carlos, Archie, Max, Alex, Rogin, Ila, and Nike! Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, Spain Earlier this trip we went on our first Europe trip! We went to Barcelona, Spain so I could attend the Mobile World Congress. Other than tech stuff, this was also the first time I had a long vacation with just my wife in a far-away land (lol). I was also able to meet Mich’s half-sister, Chrissy (currently studying in Spain). Definitely one of the best weeks in 2013. Rumfold the Scottish Fold Around October we bought and brought home a new member to our family — Rumfold! Rumfold is a male Scottish Fold with a pedigree and official papers. Ridiculously sweet and loving cat! Got him from Bonnevie Cattery. So I rode an Elephant in Thailand Company outing was in Bangkok, Thailand! Great bonding time with DM9 peeps especially since I just joined the company. Highlight of the trip? Riding an elephant. That was a crazy experience. Momo As luck would have it we found a really good deal for a Honda Accord. Since the tires read “Momo”, Mich and I decided to name the car… “Momo”! Lol. Anyway, always been a fan of Honda and one of the cars that I drove that I loved the most was the Honda SIR way back in college. Cheers to Momo! 😛 Winning an Award! Winning an award from Globe even if our podcast and our tech site was sponsored by their competitor, Smart! Awesomeeeeee! Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia Got invited by the awesome folks from Sony to cover the regional launch of the Sony Xperia Z1 in KL, Malaysia. Had an awesome time there! Played with new gadgets, met with the Sony regional team, and had some free time to go around KL and see the sights. Two thumbs up Sony! 🙂 The Day I Did 16,899 Steps Mich and I went to Hong Kong and one of my goals was to go around the shopping centers in Mongkok. Earlier that day I bought a Fitbit Flex, a gadget that tracked the number of steps I took. After a grueling day in roaming the streets of Mongkok (and getting lost twice), I checked the number of steps for the day — a whopping 16,899. My Wife is Hotter than a Supermodel Went to Singapore to cover the Singapore Digital Fashion Week courtesy of Opera. Met and had a conversation with supermodel Naomi Campbell. She was definitely beautiful but my wife’s hotness is beyond words, hehe. It was my first time covering a fashion event. Felt sooooo out-of-place but fortunately I was able to find an angle for it that was related to tech and gadgets, hehe. Awesome moment of the trip — we met with one of our friends, Mavie, and she treated us to a superb crab dinner at a restaurant called Crab Party. Arguably the highlight of the whole trip! Celebrating in Singapore Went to Singapore again in December but this time with officemates from DM9 for our annual planning session. There we received the bestest news ever — DM9 won as the Campaign Brief Asia Creative Agency of the Year for the Philippines and our Chairmom, Merlee, won as...

TV and Digital are connected at the Hip and what this means for the 2013 Campaign and the Cybercrime Act

By on Sep 26, 2012 in Cybercrime Act, Featured, News, Speaking Engagements | 1 comment

I’ve been working in TV5 for almost two years now and this has given me a deeper appreciation for the relationship of TV and Digital, especially social media. If there’s one conclusion I can draw it’s that TV and Digital are connected at the hip. They are inseparable and as internet becomes more pervasive it doesn’t actually eat into the audience of TV but rather enhances the entire content consumption experience by adding interactivity. Symbiotic relationship of TV and Digital If there’s any profession that’s at par or even more connected to social media than digital marketers and social media managers, it’s journalism. Newsrooms have social media desks now whose sole responsibility is to gather news from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They also follow influencers like celebrities, government agencies, and politicians. A tweet from one of these individuals or organizations is almost as good as a press release! Other than the social media desks, almost all reporters and news personalities are on social media as well. This unbreakable connection between News and Social Media completely shifts how Public Relations is done. It’s a push and pull relationship. News drives conversations on social media (TV as the catalyst, then audience responds via Twitter/FB/Blogs) and at the same time News culls what they can from social media and they feature it as content on their programs which air on TV. The amplification that happens is two-way. Each platform expands the audience of each other making it a symbiotic relationship between the two. A Case Study: “Sotto Plagiarism” To illustrate how this relationship works let’s take a look at how social media reacted to Senator Sotto when the plagiarism issue exploded. We plotted out how many times “Sotto Plagiarism” was mentioned on Twitter on a daily basis below. As it is you can already draw so many conclusions. It becomes much more interesting though if you plot out the key events that happened that drove the conversations. See below. Here’s how it happened in the context of the relationship of TV and Digital: – Senator Sotto delivers his speech on August 12 but conversations only took place on August 15 when the Filipino Freethinkers’ blog entry surfaced and picked up by the social media accounts of TV, Print, and Radio news teams (after vetting). – Conversations reach an all time high when Senator Sotto, during an interview with one of the most influential social media journalists Karen Davila, mentioned the killer phrase “Blogger lang yun”. It was obviously taken out of context by a lot of people but that’s irrelevant since the nature of social media is one that you cannot control. – Conversations keep going and when the chief-of-staff of Senator Sotto goes on media rounds and drops controversial replies, especially this one: “Copying is common practice in the Senate.” – Conversations spike again when Senator Sotto retaliates against his critics in his speech on TV. Throughout this timeline traditional media was informing the public using their mediums, expanding the reach of social media. At the same time TV drove the content and the conversation happening on social media. Listening and Analytics is CRITICAL for 2013 Campaign More than social media presence, a critical piece of digital strategy for the 2013 campaign is how politicians will do listening, monitoring, and analytics. Without a scientific and strategic approach to how they will listen, they will not be able to nip problems at the bud and these “small issues” can suddenly blow up in their faces when traditional media picks it up, features it, and gives the issue a nationwide audience. Listening and analytics will trump black operations. If you have solid monitoring you can find out plotted fake issues and address them quickly. When Senator Pia Cayetano was blamed for plagiarism as well all she needed to do to quash it and kill the issue was tweet a reply. How can you censor reactions? Here’s the thing that a lot of politicians don’t understand: you cannot control the internet, especially social media. The medium itself is all about conversations and reactions. It’s about commentary and opinon. That brings me to my last point. The Libel clause in the Cybercrime Act is a dated and irrelevant 80-year old law. It cannot simply be expanded to digital because it is second nature for people to react to current events and news items on Facebook and Twitter. We can probably create a specific law for Cyber Bullying and Online Defamation but to simply “copy-paste” the Libel clause in the Cybercrime Act goes against the very spirit of the law (which was meant to curb Cybersex, child pornography, hacking, etc.) and the nature of social media. As long as there is TV, Radio, and Print, there will be conversations about contentious issues and topics on social media. It’s the public’s way to react and respond. It’s their way of saying if a certain politician is doing a good job or not. Yes, sometimes some people go overboard and maybe those extreme cases are the ones that should be included in the revised defamation clause but anything less than that infringes on our fundamental right to express...