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The calm before the storm

By on Apr 7, 2011 in Random Remarks | 0 comments

I posted an update on Twitter earlier about enjoying the calm before the storm. I just wanted to add a few more lines to it here since what I had in mind just wouldn’t fit in 140 characters. Enjoy the calm before the storm, close your eyes, give thanks, pray for strength, surrender your life to God, and then brace yourself. When the storm is there, don’t blink because you will miss the savage and brutal beauty of it’s fierceness. Don’t turn away because there are challenges to be faced, mistakes to be made, and lessons to be learned. When the storm comes, be the captain and steer the ship. Keep the course, hold steady, and be resilient. The storm will pass and the sun will shine. The waters will stop surging, the winds will stop howling, and the dark clouds will fade. When the storm passes, enjoy the sweet kisses of the calm breeze, the warm embrace of the...