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On FB related Crimes: Don’t just blame Facebook

By on Jun 21, 2011 in Random Remarks | 0 comments

We’ve seen a lot of criminal cases being reported on the news involving Facebook. The most recent one being a call center agent who was allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend whom she met on Facebook. There was also another report of a film director who was also stabbed multiple times by a friend he met on Facebook. In fact a report came out saying that 100,000 crimes were linked to Facebook in 2010. A lot of people are putting the blame on the social networking site. However it’s more than that. I believe that it has to do more with the values that are taught to the youth that leads to cases like this. I was listening to Paolo Bediones’ radio show a few days ago on 92.3 NewsFM and he interviewed a couple of students and asked them why do they think the youth go into Facebook, meet strangers, and end up going to eyeballs to physically see each other. What was the...