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How to Kickstart Your Vlog or Blog (Interviewed by James Deakin!)

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James Deakin invited me to guest on his daily Facebook Live show "Live at 5". We talked about how you can jumpstart your vlog or blog which is super relevant today given the current COVID-19 [...]

Tips on How to Still Make Money Online During the COVID-19 Lockdown

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I was recently invited to guest on the show ANC Conversations by Salve Duplito on the topic of making money online in the time of COVID-19. If you're interested to hear what I have to [...]

Why Constantly Building and Launching Stuff is Awesome

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Every major professional milestone of my career so far can be traced to a blog or site that I put up during that phase in my life. It all started a little over a decade [...]

Social MEdia: Social Good Summit Dialogue Talk (Video and Slides)

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Photo from Josh's Instagram Rappler just uploaded the full video of my 12-minute talk (went overtime a bit) during the Social Good Summit Dialogue last Saturday morning. Watch the full talk in the [...]

For Reporters and Journalists during Floods

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The country is still reeling from the devastation brought about by the recent storm that I’ve come to call “Voldemort” (He-who-cannot-be-named). Just like in previous disasters, social media played a major role in information dissemination [...]