How to Find “This”

If there’s one thing I’m very fortunate with, it’s that I usually end up doing things that I love and I end up getting paid for it. When I was passionate about online gaming, I stumbled upon a career in Level Up. When I decided to take on Digital Marketing, I launched New Media, got into consultancy, and eventually landed a job in Friendster. Finally, when I got fascinated about online publishing and content, I ended up in TV5.

How do you find the sweet spot?

Looking back here are the top three tips I can share about how to find your “sweet spot” as illustrated in the photo above.

I. Read books.
This for me contributed the most. Reading books lets you see the world through the eyes of different authors. You get to “experience” what they’ve “experienced” which is invaluable because it lowers the risk of you trying out things that won’t actually work for you.

Here are three books that I would recommend to anyone:

Books I recommend

StrengthsFinder and YOUnique are books that will let you find out more about yourself. This will serve as a guide for you when you need to decide what you want to try out. Linchpin is a book that falls under a category I call “Passion Fuel”. It’s a book that will just put your brain and heart into overdrive.

Another way of learning is by talking to the experts. You might want consider getting mentors. All you have to do really is to ask them. If they say yes then just schedule a meeting or two. You have nothing to lose.

II. Try different things.
If you’re doing something you don’t like then it might be good to explore other options. Don’t resign without having a plan. You need money to keep going in life. You can’t do an Eat, Pray, Love thing without money in the bank because that’s plain irresponsible.

Read books and determine what fields you might want to dabble on, read up on potential trainings you can get, invest in those trainings, and then start applying for new work.

When I was starting in Digital Marketing I paid for several workshops using my own money just so I can get more knowledge in the field.

III. Get encouragement.
You need people who will cheer you on and not drag you down. Surround yourself with friends that have your best interest at heart. There is a huge difference between overly negative comments and constructive criticism. Go for the latter. Learn to avoid and tune out to the former.

Lastly, pray for discernment and wisdom. It’s just as, if not more, important than all three steps listed above. Cheers!

By Carlo Ople

Currently serves as the Sr. Manager for Social Media Marketing for TV5. Prior to this he was the Founder and Principal Consultant for Catalyst Interactive Marketing Inc., Digital Marketing Manager for Friendster, and Casual Games Marketing Head for Level Up! Inc. Happily married to Michelle Orosa-Ople.

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