How to Find “This”

If there’s one thing I’m very fortunate with, it’s that I usually end up doing things that I love and I end up getting paid for it. When I was passionate about online gaming, I stumbled upon a career in Level Up. When I decided to take on Digital Marketing, I launched New Media, got…… Continue reading How to Find “This” Online Brand Ambassador (wow)

with Crystal Lee, Head of Branding for Lazada. Also in the pic is Globe Business Head of Digital Marketing Paul Mendoza

Well I finally get to cross this out of my bucket list! I was tapped to be one of the online brand ambassadors for e-commerce portal Not everyday this happens so it definitely deserves a blog entry for “immortalization”, hehe. Sid and I were presented during the Adobo Nights industry event held at Opus…… Continue reading Online Brand Ambassador (wow)

When you’re married to a Reporter

A few weeks ago the article “5 things you should know before dating a journalist” came out and became viral. This was written from the point of view of a journalist who wants to tell their would-be suitors what to expect if they started dating. This article got me thinking (since I’m married to a…… Continue reading When you’re married to a Reporter